Is the new Tesla Model S right for you?

This week, I bought the world's game-changing automobile. Here's my review.

Not Your Granddaddy's Garbage Burners: Why Burning Waste for Energy Fights Climate Change

When we think of climate change deniers, tea partiers and republicans often come to mind.  But some of the most troubling stumbling blocks to reducing greenhouse gases come from urban liberals and left-leaning environmental groups who oppose burning municipal solid waste to produce…

Finding Cinematic Inspiration In Northern Minnesota

In the other side of his bifurcated life, the author muses on the mysteries of coincidence and the siren call of the movies

VIDEO: A Presidential Debate on Climate

Thursday morning I moderated my first live presidential debate, on Capitol Hill.

Antiscience Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy

The United States faced down authoritarian governments on the left and right. Now it may be facing an even greater challenge from within

Voter ID will disenfranchise many

It's not about voter fraud. Minnesota has had no cases of voter impersonation, which is the only kind of fraud that a government-issued photo ID would prevent. It's about turning Minnesota into a "red state" for the foreseeable future. Here's how.

Key Members of Congress on Science Committees Are Refusing to Answer Science Questions

If the candidates for president will discuss the nation's top science issues, why won't the key members of Congress who lead the committees that deal with science policy?

Language Intelligence: A Gladiator’s Guide to Eloquence

Language Intelligence speaks to that urge that we all have to convince others of the rightness of our ideas, and shows how the masters do it in concrete, clear, and concise language.

Republican Meteorologist to Mitt Romney: How You Can Help Me and My Family

Nationally-known meteorologist Paul Douglas has a challenge for the Republican presidential nominee

Obama and Romney Spar Over Climate, Other Science In Online Debate

President Barack Obama and his challenger Governor Mitt Romney have answered fourteen Top American Science Questions put to them by the grassroots nonprofit I lead,