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Writers United for All Families: Seventeen Original Works on Love and Liberty

Writers United for All Families book coverIn one of the most remarkable author readings ever held, seventeen award-winning authors wrote and read original short works on why everyone from liberals to libertarians should oppose restriction of gay marriage. The event was so special, and produced so many sparkling and varying perspectives, that the writers were asked to collect their works in a volume to share. This collection of original poems and essays includes works by:

Lois West DuffyJacque FletcherMichael HallNor HallPatricia HamplGreg HewettMarya HornbacherKathryn KysarJim LenfesteyJim MooreDarby NelsonShawn Lawrence OttoJohn ReimringerKate St Vincent VoglKurtis ScalettaDon ShelbyFaith SullivanRD Zimmerman

This is a time that all who love liberty must take a stand to stop the progression of hate, and to stand up for the minority against the tyranny of the majority.  We believe that throughout our history, these acts by writers and readers are what begin to bring change, and what make America great.

Whether your government supports or bans gay marriage, or any other civil liberty, we hope these readings will offer helpful perspectives on what it means to love, to be just, and to be an American.

And we hope you, like we, will call all your friends together, and read them aloud.


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